S Curve Insight Tool

Supercharge Your Growth

S Curve™ Insight Tool

Growth is our default setting.

The S Curve Insight Tool provides insight into where you and your team are in your growth, and how equipped you are, both individually and collectively, to continue to grow.

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S Curve of Growth

This portion of the diagnostic pinpoints where you and each member of your team is in their growth so you can determine the next step. You can use this model to self-direct your growth. You can use it to help others grow.

Accelerants of Growth

We have identified Seven Accelerants of Growth that, if employed, will speed growth along the
S Curve. This section of the diagnostic provides feedback on the relative strengths and weaknesses of both individuals and teams for each of these Seven Accelerants.

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Ecosystem for Growth

The growth of individuals is strongly influenced by the culture of a team and organization. The portion of the diagnostic highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a culture allowing leaders to intervene with confidence.

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