Today is the day!

Disrupt Yourself: Master Relentless Change and Speed Up Your Learning Curve has officially been re-launched into the world.
As with all my book “children,” I am very proud of this creation. You, my audience, have been so receptive, and I am gratified and humbled by your many emails and comments characterizing what this book has meant in your life. Your stories are inspiring, and I am eager to learn more!

On today’s episode we have our wonderful producer, Macy Robison, back in the interviewer’s chair. This week’s podcast is really a reflection of the book—it’s a wide-ranging conversation, free-wheeling, and full of energy. I love the insights that Macy brings to the table as we discuss her connection to the book, the story behind the re-release, and what lessons I took away from the first launch.

Thank you for being with me on this journey.

Takeaways from this episode:

  • When Macy first read the manuscript for Disrupt Yourself, she was surprised to find that it was a “business book” geared towards a professional audience. This was in stark contrast to my first book, Dare, Dream, Do, which she described as “a cup of hot chocolate.”
  • The re-release of Disrupt Yourself was both practical and philosophical: the original publisher of the book had been sold, and was not interested in continuing to publish a business book. After evaluating the options, Harvard Business Press was an obvious fit and they were eager to add it to their collection. Additionally, the re-release gives us an opportunity to frame the content and inform readers that disruption is for everyone—not just career changers and entrepreneurs.
  • High-growth organizations require high-growth individuals, and when an organization understands the framework of disruption they can speed their team up the learning curve.
  • The Seven Accelerants of Disruption:
    • Take the Right Kind of Risks (Adela Mizrachi)
    • Play to Your Distinctive Strengths (CV Harquail)
    • Embrace Your Constraints (Jonathan Mendonsa)
    • Battle Entitlement (Buster Scher)
    • Step Back to Grow (Tiffany Shlain)
    • Give Failure Its Due (Kaihan Krippendorff)
    • Be Driven By Discovery (Eric Schurenberg)
  • Disruption is about all of us being happier. When we can disrupt ourselves, when we are learning, we’re able to be happier (which is the whole point of life).
  • You’re 100% guaranteed to fail if you don’t try.

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