Join the Moment for Momentum

He’s a world-class speed skater and the United States’ most decorated Winter Olympian.
A Dancing with the Stars champion.

And a New York Times bestselling author. 

Our long-planned live event is upon us. Begin, Grow, Pivot, and Learn. Tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 20) at 1 pm Eastern. It will feature my live interview with Apolo Ohno. We’ve all enjoyed seeing him on the ice; this is an opportunity to hear his advice on other aspects of life. 

Our goal is to host an event that will help you build momentum off the launch point of your 2022 S Curve, whatever it might be. It’s our gift to you for helping Smart Growth build early momentum too.

Apolo has a new book titled  Hard Pivot: Embrace Change. Find Purpose. Show Up Fully. He uses the term hard pivot –– “an aggressive high-speed turn at the corner of a rink” as a metaphor for personal transformation. My translation: Hard pivot = disrupt yourself = jump to a new S Curve of Learning™.

Here’s the first question I’m going to ask Apolo: Up until 2010, your identity was wrapped up in skating. Then you quit, and you made a hard pivot. What was your thought process? What are 1-2 things you did that we can also do when pivoting from one identity to another?

What would you like me to ask him? If you are joining us, what will you ask during the Q&A? 

When you buy his book, you’ll be eligible to join us.

A second guest is Pamay Bassey, the Chief Learning and Diversity Officer at Kraft Heinz and a board member at Houlihan Lokey. She’s written a learning journal called Let’s Learn Our Way Through It, Shall We? When I interviewed her for our podcast, I discovered that she started at Stanford at sixteen! She’d always been told that she was smart, but that core belief about herself was challenged when she got to Stanford. She questioned, even doubted, herself. Grappling with that experience laid the foundation for her life’s work: focusing on the importance of learning our way through it. During the webinar, Pamay’s going to talk about seven steps to creating a learning culture––beginning with you, whoever you are, and whatever role you fill. She’ll provide suggestions and ideas on learning our way through the S Curve of 2022. 

When you buy her learning journal, you will be eligible to join us.

Finally, you will get the pleasure of hearing from Michael Bungay Stanier, author of The Coaching Habit. It has sold over a million copies and is this century’s most popular coaching book. Brené Brown calls it a classic. Michael’s been on our podcast twice, is a great friend, supporter, and mentor, and this event is his brainchild. He’s going to talk about his latest book, How to Begin: Start Doing Something That Matters. He is charming, clever, insightful, a generous collaborator, and whether you’ve begun your worthy goal or not yet, he’ll inspire you along the way.

When you buy his book, you will become eligible to join us.

It has been a joy creating this for you—you’ve helped us build momentum—and we are grateful to share this small token of our appreciation.

If this live event isn’t on your calendar yet….

Here’s how to begin:
Buy one (or all of these books);
Do a hard pivot (aka clear your calendar)
So you can learn your way through 2022,

And the S Curve of your life.

Note: if you can find a better way to say the above, I’ll share it on air.

See you at the launch point at 1 pm Eastern tomorrow, January 20!

My best,

P.S. This week’s podcast is the first chapter of Smart Growth–––unabridged. Enjoy!



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