What I do is not a solo sport.

Building and operating a business requires a team, and I am grateful for mine. I am blessed to work with amazing people whose hard work and talents make everything possible.

As a leader, I really enjoy Building an A Team, growing the business, and observing our own S Curve of Learning™. Part of that growth is learning from the experiences and insights of others. As I continue to reflect on 2020, I am amazed and humbled by the wisdom and hard-earned lessons the guests on the Disrupt Yourself podcast imparted on each of us.

With learning in mind, I asked my team to reflect on which podcasts spoke to them most over the past 12 months. While it’s difficult to choose, here is what they shared:

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Melissa Rutty, podcast producer.

I found the conversation with Ozan Varol very inspiring! Ozan is a rocket scientist, law professor, and best-selling author. His story serves as an excellent reminder that although we think we know the best path forward, the curve balls of life often deliver something better than we ever imagined possible. Ozan’s episode encouraged me to Think Like a Rocket Scientist!

Our interview with Roger Martin, a former university dean, hit home with me in a visceral way. Roger’s interview gave language to a lot of my own thoughts and musings on When More Is Not Better. We are all in somewhat of a forced slow down—travel wise—making it a perfect opportunity to examine how we structure our economy and our own life, to ponder if it is really the best and healthiest approach for all of us.

I found Shellye Archambeau’s episode to be especially meaningful. Shellye, one of the first African American women to be named CEO of a Silicon Valley company, has a unique approach to goal setting and mentoring. She is a driven and impressive leader who is Unapologetically Ambitious!

Whitney Jobe, sound engineer.

The podcast with Ben Shewry was really inspiring to me. His compassion and approach to business really gives me hope, and his insights on how failure can be an amazing teacher speaks volumes.

From a pure, laugh out loud experience, it was Livingston Taylor, singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, performer, recording artist, and teacher. He’s a funny guy and his incredible background provides great insight on performance. The highlight of the episode for me was when he unexpectedly broke out into song.

I loved the episode with Mark Metry, a 22-year-old successful entrepreneur and podcaster, was another one I loved. His ability to be vulnerable and speak candidly about mental health challenges was amazing.

Amy Humble, my business partner and WLJ Advisors president.

I really enjoyed Whitney’s conversation with Gregory Haile, the president of Broward College in Florida. As I tend to have a lot of irons in the fire, he reminded me of the importance of community and embracing constraints.

Marcus Whitney, a self-taught software developer and multiple entrepreneur, has an amazing story. His ability to find a new S Curve and his fearlessness when jumping into a new project is inspiring.

The podcast with Jennifer Petriglieri, an associate professor of organizational behavior and author of Couples that Work: How Dual-Career Couples Can Thrive in Love and Work, hit home. It really spoke to me as a mother of two toddlers who is working to grow a business and balance career, family, and relationships.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

For me, the entire process has been a remarkable experience. I was able to speak with some of the most interesting people who possess the best minds and have dealt with things that we all struggle with in our own lives. When I started the podcast, I had no idea what an impact it would have on me or you, the listener.

The fact that episode after episode generously shared an abundance and wisdom and experience is a gift that I do not take for granted. Each podcast guest had something special to offer and I left every conversation enriched in a unique way. I often mention the podcasts in other areas of my writing, as the wisdom shared is often hard-won and profound.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to these podcasts, or the hundreds that we didn’t mention, it’s a great resource waiting for you and your team as you work on the S Curve of Learning™.

I look forward to the lessons that are yet to come and sharing them with all of you!

Where do you go for inspiration and get new insights? How can podcasts, mine or others, help you in your journey? What might be blocking you from tackling your next S Curve of Learning™?

My best,


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