In business, we often talk about the value of learning from our own and other organization’s mistakes, but what about learning from what is going well? What might we gain if we open ourselves up to a new way of working? If we did, could work actually be fun?

Our guest today is Pim de Morree, Co-founder of Corporate Rebels, an organization dedicated to making work more fun. In January of 2016, he and his business partner, Joost Minnaar, gave up promising careers to explore companies and organizations that were making work fun. They spent the last few years on a learning mission, gathering research by interviewing amazing companies around the world.  Fortunately for us, the two have documented their discoveries in their new book, Corporate Rebels: Make work more fun.

Today, Pim shares the mission of Corporate Rebels and reveals the innovative organizations they discovered that are doing work differently.

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Takeaways from this episode:

  • Advice process: Pim recommends organizations approach salary setting differently, following what they call the “advice process”. Essentially, new hires and current employees set their own salary through a process of thoughtful reflection, communication of expected value and advice of their co-workers. Pim and Joost discovered this new approach while interviewing some of the most progressive organizations around the globe. The logic had such an impact, they adopted it within their own organization. This idea may seem radical, but according to Pim, it results in a new level of cost consciousness within the organization as well as a level of transparency that boosts engagement.
  • Outcomes not hours: Additionally, Pim and Joost recommend organizations focus on employee freedom surrounding when and where to work. They believe the focus should be on the results – not where they work or how many hours, they put in. Pim explains, “I think if organizations want to give their people more freedom, a very important element that a lot of companies overlook is not just to give them unlimited amount of holidays, but also to actually give them the responsibility of doing a good job.”
  • Redistribute tasks: within a team: Traditionally, employees are largely governed by job description. This helps define your daily responsibilities, the deliverables you are expected to meet, etc. Pim and Joost found that the most progressive companies are not confined by job descriptions. Instead, they regularly redistribute them within a team – allowing employees to actively take part in crafting a position in which they can succeed.

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