As I say at the beginning of every episode, I think, write, speak, and live all things disruption. I take this responsibility very seriously, so while each week I encourage you to disrupt yourself I am also looking for ways to disrupt myself.

Since I spend each podcast interviewing guests, my personal journey is revealed to you in drips and drabs, and periodically I like to turn on the water hose and let you know how I’m really doing, what I’m learning, and where I am on my own learning curve.

Today’s episode revolves around the question that you, as my audience, have asked me in person, tweeted online, or messaged me on Linked In. With me is Macy Robison, my fearless podcast manager and producer, who will be asking the questions and contributing some of her own insights along the way.

Question Highlights (if you want the rest of the answers, download the episode on iTunes or on the player below!)

What are you reading right now?

I receive this question so often, it prompted our team to do something new (that I find exciting): we’ve created a library page on my website! You’ll be able to see everything that my guests have written, as well as what I currently have on my nightstand or in my car. Lately I’ve been reading Reinforcements by Heidi Grant and The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.

What single habit or ritual do you believe contributes the most to your success?

This answer is very personal to me, but also an easy answer as well—every single morning, when I get up (regardless of the day of the week), I read or listen to a scriptural text and a religious message. This grounds me in my faith, what I believe, and helps me to then know what my purpose is. Regardless of your religious persuasion, and even if you’re not religious, I believe it’s important for us to read, re-read, listen to, or write down what it is that we value; what centers and grounds us. This is our why. Once we know our why, we’re able to focus on what, and persist in the face of difficulty, frustration, and discouragement.

When you look back at 2018, what has been your biggest lesson?

About six months ago I had an “a-ha!” moment where I realized that I needed to apply all that I had learned in terms of analyzing my own business and focus not only on revenue, but also on profit, which requires managing the cost side of my business. This has been a really important lesson for me, and is a big part of why I picked up The E-Myth. I know how to speak, and how to coach, but I need to take the principals I’ve learned along the way and make sure that I walk my talk in terms of building my own A team and helping those I work with jump to new learning curves, while also keeping my business viable.

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