A New Month

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” C.S. Lewis

Hello all, and Happy December –– 

Here are a few ideas and thoughts—my own and other’s—that I’d like to share this week:

“What can I do to make your week easier?” — Jennifer Moss

Asking this simple question (and responding proactively to the reply) is one of the most effective ways to reduce burnout. Preventing burnout, or addressing it when it occurs, isn’t just about self-care, “It’s a systemic issue,” says Jennifer Moss. “Burnout is workplace stress that has gone unmanaged, and it manifests through cynicism, exhaustion, and disengagement.” Give this encore episode of the Disrupt Yourself podcast a listen. It has now made it into our top 10 episodes!


Watch What I Do, and You’ll Know What I Value

Sometimes we struggle to articulate our values. And yet, if we observe what others do, at least some of what they value becomes brilliantly obvious. “Actions speak louder than words” is a cliché that can really work for us. What I observed from the Japanese soccer players and fans at the World Cup are people who have respect for a place, the people hosting them, and respect for themselves. They value leaving the world better than they found it. You can see the images here.


Are You Interested in a Simple Summary of What Growth Looks Like?

If you are looking for a simple explanation of what growth looks like, here’s my recent conversation with Scott Barry Kauffman on The Psychology Podcast. 

Then, of course, you can listen to our Disrupt Yourself Podcast conversation, too, should you like.


How Do You Know if You Should Say Yes to a Job Offer When You are On the Fence?

We hosted Dan Ariely on LinkedIn Live last week, and this is what he said about when you are on the fence: the answer is an unequivocal “yes.” Why? Because on the fence doesn’t actually mean “on the fence,” given that we prefer the status quo. This goes back to loss aversion theory, which I find tremendously helpful. It’s not just about taking a job. It’s about whether to let someone go or go somewhere new. Here’s the clip from his latest LinkedIn Learning course.


Giving Thanks: Still in Vogue

November may be in the rearview mirror, but the spirit of thanksgiving shouldn’t be. Notes of appreciation are a useful practice any time of year. If you didn’t get around to sending expressions of thanks to folks in your orbit in November, why not make it part of your preparation for celebrating more meaningful year-end holidays in December? This practice makes the recipient feel good, the giver feels good, and it helps both parties recognize their strengths and those of others.

Do you have bits of wisdom or ideas ringing in your head right now? Would you like to share them with me and maybe the newsletter readership? Send them along. 

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