James Altucher is a serial entrepreneur, chess master, prolific writer, successful investor and stand-up comedian. James is a lot of things, but maybe most of all, he is an experimenter. His latest book, Skip the Line, provides a roadmap for those of us looking to do the same. He has frequently appeared on CNBC and on many podcasts, including one hosted by yours truly (see episode 06). James also hosts his own podcast the James Altucher Show, a top-rated show since 2014. Altucher is talented, successful and inspiring. He pushes the limits, challenges the status quo and encourages us all to do the same.

Both James and the stories he shares, are extraordinary. In this episode we learn how early in his professional life, James went from low level programmer at HBO to pitching a news docu-series to the CEO and then, actually producing the series. This skip the line moment would come to be a reoccurring theme, throughout James’ career. He shares how he is constantly leveraging experiments, like performing stand-up comedy on the New York Subway system.

Listening to James, one gets the sense anything is possible, even, skipping the line.

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