Home Alone

“Loneliness is not lack of company; loneliness is lack of purpose.” Guillermo Maldonado

This past week, my husband and our two children have been driving across the country, from our home in Virginia to Utah, to drop our son back at school.

So I’ve home alone––(picture me with my hands on my face looking in the mirror!)

It is awesome!

Yes, I LOVE my family.

And, YES, I am grateful that they made delicious food before they left (like a yummy potato salad full of red onions and capers).

It’s also nice to be alone. Almost: our cats are still here, and they remind me of their continued presence by licking my face at two in the morning.

Here are some highlights:

Usually, I am the person that is traveling and having adventures. I like that my husband and children are having their own adventure. They call home and tell me what is happening and what they are seeing, whether hiking in the Smoky Mountains, visiting Nauvoo, Illinois historic sites, or taking in the Badlands in South Dakota. (Visit for pictures.) When people you love are out in the world, having great experiences with each other, it feels good. It’s nice to have the roles reversed.

I like being in the house all by myself. You move about the space differently when you’re the only one in it. Inevitably, some spaces are normally the domain of someone else; when they’re gone, it leaves some room for you. I feel that especially when I go down to our garden. That is traditionally my husband’s playground. I am experiencing it differently.

I enjoy having fewer distractions. As I am finishing up my book with only two weeks to go, the solitude has been valuable. I can focus on work, break to eat, take a walk in the garden, deadhead the roses, cut some hydrangeas, and start again. It’s hard to feel lonely when you’re busy.

Oh, and I like that there are never any dishes in the sink….!

One of the challenges this past year is that we have either had not enough people or too many people. As with many things in life, I realize that it’s a both/and.

We need people, and we need time to be alone.

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Right now, my feet are here with you, Whitney

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