Experiment. Disruption. Grab bag.

The current episode of the Disrupt Yourself podcast is all three. For the first time, I am hosting a podcast interview with myself—so to speak—the questions I answer were actually contributed by my listeners. Here they are, with just an appetizer for the answers:

1- Do you have any tips for a first time author?

Yes, I have seven of them, if you’re writing what I know about, which is nonfiction. Most people who ask me want to publish a book to support their coaching or consulting. There is “something about having a book that says ‘legit.’”

2- How do you turn changes that are imposed upon you into a positive thing?

I’ll give you some personal examples based on a technique I learned from one of my coaches: Ask yourself these questions: “If it were happening for me, not to me—what would be the opportunity? What could I learn? How will it help me become a better person?”

3- How do I get in front of the decision-makers in a large company—especially, how does a non-profit get into a large business?

This also begs a question—why do you want to get in front of them? To get them to solve a problem you have? Or because they have a problem you can help solve? I offer advice on why the answer here makes all the difference.

I also weigh in on these inquiries, at greater length than the teasers I include below, and I offer personal examples as a bonus:

What is the key to success? Well, that depends on how you define success, but for starters, the launching pad is to believe you can be successful.
What’s the most important thing I do each day? Read and visualize.
How do I stay relevant? I challenge myself in ways that force me to disrupt.
What’s my idea of success? Realizing dreams and ambitions, and realizing that there are some over which I have no control.
What part of my work brings me the most joy? Writing, speaking, analyzing.
What’s my favorite story from 2017? This example of humanity and ingenuity is worth the price of admission all by itself.
What am I reading? Many good things! Listen to find out.

This is my first episode in this format, but it may not be the last. I’d love your feedback. If you have a question, please send it along—for next time.

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