You may decide that you are going to change jobs, move to another country to physically disrupt yourself, hoping to improve your lot. But based on Susan David’s 20 years of academic and clinical research, it’s how you navigate your inner world, your thoughts, your feelings and self-talk; how you disrupt your mindset that determines how successful you will be. Her article on Emotional Agility was named the Management Idea of the Year by Harvard Business Review and her book by the same name has been a number one Wall Street Journal bestseller, USA Today bestseller and Amazon Best Book of the Year.

Susan’s work is extremely important in ordinary times. But at the time of this airing, we are at the end of March 2020, a few weeks after the NBA suspended its season and cities across the world are sheltering in place as we all try to slow the spread of a virus.

The ability to be emotionally agile in ordinary times is important, but in extraordinary times like these, we need every tool at our disposal to feel our feelings, understand our values and persevere.

These are extraordinary times, and we will have hard days. The good news is that we can use these feelings, use these hard days as a tool to figure out what matters most to us. Providing fuel so we can continue to grow.  Ultimately, our response to this situation – any hard situation – can serve us if we can use our curiosity to guide us toward what we value.

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