Conflict is everywhere. Even in “normal” times, it’s all around us. And it is inherent in the process of climbing an S-curve of learning. There will be challenges, there will be friction. Conflict is a constraint, so what do you do with that conflict? Does it stop you or does it become a tool of creation? Dr. Jen Goldman-Wetzler has an answer. She has the answer. She is the author of the new book, Optimal Outcomes: Free Yourself from Conflict at Work, at Home and in Life, which was recently named as a Financial Times Book of the Month.

When emotions are high, when we’re triggered by what is happening, a resolution may seem impossible. We can get trapped in cycles of blame and shame and the entitlement we try so hard to fight as we move up our s curves of learning takes over. With these practices, it’s possible to take a step back, see others as people, not objects, and move forward.

Having a practice for dealing with conflict is especially important now. Emotions are high, we’re in a constant tug of war between fear and hope in our brains, and you might be in the middle of a conflict right now with someone you’re sheltering in place with. If you’ve been feeling triggered, use the practices Jen outlines in this episode and in her book.

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