Brooke Snow is an author, meditation instructor, musician, podcaster, and parent who prefers to define herself by her qualities, rather than any of these roles. Reframing identity as traits (kind, thoughtful, determined) rather than titles allows Brooke to be so much more than the sum of her jobs.

Brooke explains why bad days are actually good when you can recognize your wins (however small), putting floors and ceilings on your daily productivity, where her S Curves as an entrepreneur and a parent inform each other, and why it’s not always a bad thing to be “self-centered.”

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Takeaways from this episode:

  • Straddling the S Curve: Work informs family, and family informs work.
  • Jealous Trees: Don’t compare yourself to others based on what you lack. Celebrate the differences that make you great. 
  • Routines:  Daily routines anchor us. The ability to be thankful as you transition from one task to another can ritualize gratitude and create a positive perspective.
  • How to Have a Good Bad Day: Set yourself up to benefit from a bad outcome and don’t be afraid to call an audible. Recognizing small wins from the past is so much healthier than lamenting what you still want to achieve in the future.

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