“Listen first” and “Disrupt yourself before you are disrupted.” Those are some of the hard-won lessons from Scott Miller on this encore episode.  Scott is the Executive Vice President of the Thought Leadership practice at FranklinCovey and author of Management Mess to Leadership Success: 30 Challenges to Become the Leader You Would Follow. In this episode, he offers many lessons that are critical for the challenges facing today’s leaders.

Before joining FranklinCovey, Scott worked at Disney’s real estate development arm for four years before he was “invited to leave.”

When strong employees are fired, they often need that little nudge from the universe to go out and find new levels of success. Scott believes that’s exactly what happened when he was fired at Disney, which led him to find his voice at FranklinCovey by constantly disrupting himself within that organization.

Sooner or later, you will be disrupted – by your industry, your employer, or your leader. So why not take control of your career and disrupt yourself as soon as you stop learning and see signs of boredom or inertia?

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