Walter O’Brien, famous for being a genius and for Scorpion Computer Services and for Scorpion, the television series, has a new business: It’s not as famous as everything else he does—yet. I asked Walter about this unique enterprise during our conversation now available for listening on the Disrupt Yourself Podcast.

“There’s no service like it out there. I’m running my business for 20 years, solving technical problems. And we got really, really good at solving problems….I came up with the concept of ConciergeUp because I was at a hotel and we’re used to concierging down things that are too simple to do yourself: get a limo, get tickets to a show.

“But what if you could concierge up things that are too complicated or you don’t have time to do yourself? What if I had a company to solve ANY problem? It’s kind of like rent-a-brain.”

I asked him if ConciergeUp would handle a question like how to get my daughter into the Ivy League school she dreams of attending. Not a problem, he assured me. That’s the kind of problem they solve routinely; they already have a basic template for that one that they’ll adapt to your particular situation.

“We get those requests probably once every two or three months, and the whole magic of ConciergeUp is we become a little bit like a brain for the planet; whatever you bring us, we’ve probably seen it a couple of times and we might already have a checklist of how to do it which gives us a huge advantage. It’s not our first rodeo.”

Giving them a call might just change your life, Walter suggests. Putting a team of geniuses (genii?) at your fingertips. They work for governments, businesses, royal families and commoners. They can address global warming and world poverty/hunger or whatever is happening in your microcosmic corner of the universe. It’s an interesting concept and maybe a disruptor. 

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